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Wondering whether your business should move to the cloud or stay on-site? Unsure how to ensure data security in a world where data-breaches are becoming increasingly common? We can help assess your IT and support you in taking your business to the next level.

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Time and financial resources are to limited in SMEs. That’s why we design and implement IT solutions that help you save time and money by being reliable and best practise implementations on a fixed monthly fee.Learn more
We understand how important it is for large corporations to keep IT systems are up and running. That is why we implement comprehensive IT solutions that are reliable and help you deliver an outstanding experience to your clients.Learn more
As a government departments you face strict regulations and budgetary limitations. We work with these rules and budgets to implement IT solutions that are fully compliant and that make the way your office operates more streamlined.Learn more
When your IT isn’t the best solution for you or is outdated, it can negatively impact how you deliver value to your clients. To make sure your business is the best it can be, talk to us today about how IT can improve your operations.Find out more

Dienst has done an excellent job in migrating us to Office 365, reducing our capital expenditure and reliance on our on premise IT equipment.

What we do

We provide traditional Managed IT services, helping our clients get tangible value from their IT spend. This includes IT Management, Software Licensing and Desktop Virtualisation.Learn more
To ensure a business of any size or purpose runs smoothly, the key is communication. Great communication can’t happen without reliable communication solutions.Learn more
Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud all provide increased flexibility to organisations and in some cases can help reduce capital investments. Let us help design and deliver the solution that provides you with most value.Learn more
Backup and Disaster Recovery are crucial in guaranteeing business continuity. We can work with you to design and implement a solution that suits your uptime and budget requirements. Whether it is a traditional backup solution, or hot Disaster Recovery.Learn more
It is essential to keep your information secure. However data-breaches are increasingly common and good protections need to be in place. Our engineers know how to keep your data safe.Learn more
At Dienst Consulting we don’t just implement the solutions for you, we give advice on multiple solutions and work with you to determine which will best suit your needs so you get value for your investment.Learn more

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